Intratumoural Immunotherapy – Cryoablation

At the same time as cryoablation is performed immunotherapeutic medicine is injected into the tumour in small doses thanks to which the possible side effects are much lighter than when the same medicine is administered intravenously.

On being introduced into the tumour, this immunotherapeutic medicine causes intense stimulation of the patient’s immune system such that the remaining tumours and metastasis present in the patient’s body are also attacked and destroyed. This is the so-called ABSCOPAL effect produced thanks to the liberation of specific tumoural cell antigens as the cells are destroyed by the effect of cryoablation and immunotherapeutic medicine.

Since the immune system has already recognized those foreign antigens within the treated tumour, it carries out the same task of recognition and destruction of the tumoural antigens in the rest of the tumours present in the body which have not been treated with cryoablation nor injected with immunotherapeutic medicine.